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Beetroot crepes with goat’s cheese, basil and roasted walnuts

Only three weeks ago I have embarked on a journey of finding an easy crepe recipe. Before that, I have never tried making crepes at home, but I have started with a few quite fearful recipes: crepes with Dijon mustard and mushrooms source, and Crepe Suzette. Last weekend, I wanted to try something a little [...]

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Crepe Suzette Recipe

Because of the roaring success with an easy crepe recipe last weekend, I decided to try my luck again. This time, I have chosen Crepe Suzette (or to be more precise, my wife has chosen it). And believe me – it looks harder on the paper – it still can be considered as an easy [...]

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How Hard Can It Be? Easy Crepe Recipe!

So, what do you know about crepes? Have you ever tried at least one easy crepe recipe? Why should anyone listen to you? Well… to be fair, just a week ago, I didn’t know anything about crepes. Nothing at all! Yes, my lovely wife sometimes would have some of these crepes when we would go [...]

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