french crepe recipe

Only three weeks ago I have embarked on a journey of finding an easy crepe recipe. Before that, I have never tried making crepes at home, but I have started with a few quite fearful recipes: crepes with Dijon mustard and mushrooms source, and Crepe Suzette. Last weekend, I wanted to try something a little bit easier… but then again, I found a recipe where you needed to make red crepes. RRRRREEEEDDDD crepes! How awesome is that! I couldn’t miss this opportunity, therefore when my wife went to work (she does some volunteering on Saturday mornings), I jumped into the kitchen and spend there half a day. To be fair, most of that half a day was spent watching anime and waiting for “crepes” to rest…

Beetroot crepes with goat’s cheese, basil and roasted walnuts


french crepe recipe

  • 2 small beetroots, cooked, sliced
  • 2 clove of garlic, sliced
  • 125 g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 375 ml milk
  • 30 g melted butter, at room temperature
  • 100 g walnut kernels, roasted and chopped
  • 200 g spreadable goat cheese
  • fresh basil leaves
  • butter for greasing


french crepe recipe french crepe recipe

  1. Put flour in a bowl and make a well in the cetre. Add eggs, milk and butter and mix well until combined. Add sliced beetroots, garlic and a pinch of salt. Blend really well with blender. Crepe batter will most likely look too watery, but don’t worry. Put it in the fridge to rest for at least 30 minutes (you can leave it there for up to a day, if you want to, however I was hungry, so it was only 30 minutes for me).
  2. While crepe batter is resting in the fridge, prepare crepe fillings. Cut or crumble goats cheese into small bits. Add a handful of sliced basil leaves. Add roasted walnuts (I bought wet walnuts in the local market and roasted them myself! So much fun… but a pinch of spices, and roast them in the hot pan for 2-3 minutes). Mix well for a few minutes, until goats cheese becomes creamy. Leave to rest for 30 minutes in the room temperature (you don’t want to put crepe filling in to the fridge for it to stay creamy).
  3. Cook crepes by pouring a ladle of batter in the pan and cooking for 1-2 minutes until bubbles start to appear on the top of the crepe. Turn over carefully and cook for another minute. If you can’t turn the crepe (if it breaks – oh my god, I was so angry on myself, on recipe, on the pan, on everyone – when the first one turned out to be rubbish… but I didn’t give up… and tried again, and again… util it worked well), cook several seconds longer (I found that 1 minute was not enough, but 1 minute and 15 seconds was the right amount of time for me to be able to turn the crepes).
  4. Once crepes cool down, spread a spoon of crepe filling, add fresh basil leaves and roll up the crepes. I know that you will not be able to resist and will try and eat a few of the crepes once they are made. However, if you will refrigerate the crepes for one more hour, they will taste amazingly! It’s worth additional waiting time…


  • Once crepes are made, please do wait wait wait for 1 hour (put these crepes in the fridge and go for a walk). It will taste so much more better! It’s an easy crepe recipe, but the hardest bit is, of course, waiting!

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